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March 8, 2013 by sojosol

This post is part of Hack Library School’s “Day in the Life of a Library Student.” The goal is to show hopeful future SLISers what LIS School is like, and to create a platform for communication between students (and professionals).

So, here is my run-down of DAY 4:

I won’t bother with my sleep routine, because it was about the same as it has been this week!

Today, I have NO class- yay! I got up this morning and actually had time to enjoy my coffee while I replied to e-mails and such! I did some coordinating with my classmates for another group project in my course on “accessibility for information technologies.” I think the presentation will go well, but I still have some stuff to research.

After lunch, I go on a youtube hunt for videos explaining basics of college football. We’re having to create descriptive metadata for football images, and I know very little about football. I finally found a homemade video that had decent information, and can now tell you about different positions for offense and defense! Tomorrow, I’ll be researching my Dublin Core element!

Next, I began looking for information about image description for visually impaired users, and also about accessibility issues with social media platforms. I couldn’t find much on Youtube, which made me sad. However, I did find out about NASA’s tactile image of stars viewed through the Hubble telescope- SO COOL!

I went to the Google monster and found TONS of information about social media accessibility and image description. Bookshare actually allows volunteers to create image descriptions for visually impaired users! That is a great way to practice, and it also helps create accessible texts in the process!

So, yeah, an uneventful day! I pretty much spent the day at the computer. Heck, even reading this slightly depresses me! I spent an entire day reading information online- who knows how much information I processed! Sheesh! I cannot convey to people how much information I process daily. My friends outside of SLIS honestly cannot comprehend the amount of reading I do daily and weekly. I love reading, and even I get sick of it at times, haha!



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