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March 6, 2013 by sojosol

This post is part of Hack Library School’s “Day in the Life of a Library Student.” The goal is to show hopeful future SLISers what LIS School is like, and to create a platform for communication between students (and professionals).

So, here is my run-down of DAY 2:

I managed to go to bed by about 3 AM, and then got up a little after 8 AM. I have an online class on Tuesday mornings, so I quickly make my coffee and get settled at my desk. This morning’s class is Research Methods; we discuss historical research and then get as far as interviewing for descriptive research. Most of the information is familiar to me, so I feel confident about the materials!

Next, I get ready for my advisor meeting, which ends up lasting about an hour. It went really well, and I leave feeling better about the direction I’m taking with my studies. We discussed what I thought were barriers to interning in Atlanta this summer, and my advisor really helped me break through those barriers. I was uncomfortable, but greatly appreciative, when my advisor offered my sage advice about choosing between what was familiar and secure, and what was new and different. It looks like my interests will continue to take me away from my hometown family and friends, which is difficult to accept- AND SCARY. I also loved my advisor’s advice to stop trying to control things that I have no control over. Further, she told me to stop being the my own biggest critic and enemy- and she was correct.

Beyond my career, we discussed the issues within the LIS field as a whole, and how we have to broaden our view of the field BEYOND libraries. People inside and outside of the LIS field have ideas about what “librarian” means, and they’re usually narrow-minded in their thoughts. Based on this conversation, I’ve decided to try and eradicate the phrase “library school” from my vocabulary. I’m not just studying libraries and librarianship- that’s on a PART of what I study– I’m studying information. I refuse to be boxed into a narrow-minded stereotype.

Well, I manage to mostly catch up on my metadata blog before class on Tuesday night! Tuesday night’s class is….METADATA! We’re really getting into applying the knowledge we’ve learned during the first half of the semester. Biggest takeaway? I know NOTHING about football! We’re creating descriptive metadata for UA football images, and during the lecture, it became evident that I need to do some reading and brush up on my understanding of the game. We are put into groups, and I will be working on a current image. My assigned Dublin Core element is “relation,” and I’m looking forward to figuring out the best way to employ that element!

After class, I blog some more, and then I begin searching for information on an image metadata app. I’ve had an idea for at least a conceptual one, but I don’t know if something similar already exists. I’ve yet to find anything in the Google-monster, but I’m going to search a little more. In the meantime, I found out that there has been an increasing push to create and include accessibility metadata (at least in the education environment). This metadata would indicate if the resource was considered accessible, if it is available in other formats, and what formats those are. The metadata would be used to influence discoverability within a database, because users could search with that specific element- WOW! This is important for an LIS professional to follow, and I think it is a move in the right direction. I’m just very excited about it in genera!



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