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March 5, 2013 by sojosol

This post is part of Hack Library School’s “Day in the Life of a Library Student.” The goal is to show hopeful future SLISers what LIS School is like, and to create a platform for communication between students (and professionals).

So, here is my run-down of DAY 1:

After going to bed at about 5 AM, I wake up at about 9 AM and soon force myself into the kitchen. It’s well known that a typical SLISer lives on a steady diet of caffeine; my weapon of choice is coffee- dark roasted, and either Sumatra or French Roast. While the coffee is brewing, I open my laptop to find that within 4 hours, I already have about 10 new e-mails, 6 Facebook updates, and too many new Tweets to count!

After half a pot of coffee (don’t judge me- I can stop whenever I want), I begin to reply to my e-mails. The top priority is responding to my advisor; we are scheduling a meeting to discuss internship and capstone prospects for the summer semester (my last semester). I thought I had everything figured out, but was thrown a curve ball this past weekend when I fell in love with a completely different organization and type of project. I’ve heard this is typical, so I don’t feel as badly about the frantic e-mail I sent her the other night.

Meeting is scheduled, and now it is time to BLOG. I have to blog for a lot of classes! I’m a week behind in my metadata class, because I was out of town for Project ALFA. I blog about image description for the visually impaired, which is a topic that fascinates me! Following my blogging, I log on to Twitter and find 3-4 new articles related to accessibility and metadata, which makes my morning FANTASTIC!

After lunch, I sit down and write out the details for my grant intent presentation. My class assignment for LS 590 (Accessibility for Information Technologies) is to find a funding source and go through the process of submitting a grant proposal. (Last year’s class actually saw two students get funded!) I’m looking to partner my old college (Florida State College at Jacksonville) with Mayo Clinic (in Jacksonville) to provide instructional videos and information packets that explain the built-in accessibility features in Macs and PCs, and to explain how those tools can be used by students that are on the computer a lot. In turn, I’m wanting to get health information from Mayo that can give students advice on how to prevent or avoid furthering damage caused by improper computer usage (eye problems, carpal tunnel issues, etc.). This is especially important since FSCJ’s student body is more aged, and many students are combating age-related issues while trying to function in an online environment. It’s rough around the edges, but serves as a good starting point for my intent.

Prior to class, I watch Copying Beethoven while simulating a visual impairment (diabetic retinopathy). It causes me to better understand some of the access issues someone with that impairment might face, and serves to make me think about disabilities based on the content of the movie. I blog about it, and then head over to Facebook to test the Mac’s VoiceOver capabilities with the social media platform. IT. IS. FRUSTRATING. But, that’s good for me to experience, because I’ll be addressing social media platforms and accessibility in class next week. As librarians, we need to be conscious of the channels we use to communicate information. If the channel is not accessible, we need to make the information available in another channel as well- but we can’t compromise the quality of the information in the process. This makes things a little more complicated, but relates to our professional code of ethics, which speak of providing equal access to information.

Class runs from about 6-9pm tonight. We all present our ideas, and nobody has one like mine. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but my professor seems to be on board with the intent, and offered some good advice as well! After class, I do my dishes, and make some tea. I have a feeling I’ll be up late again (working on my metadata blog)! I will be meeting with my advisor tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to very much!



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